R&R at G&G’s B&B

This weekend the husband, Dietrich and I drove north to PA and spent the weekend at his grandparents’ house in the lovely, quiet, peaceful countryside.

Although it’s not actually a bed and breakfast, it may as well be. Staying with Mommom and Grandpa means sleeping in, hot cinnamon buns for breakfast, relaxing all day, sitting on the screened back porch feeling the wind blow gently, great food, and card games late into the night. The husband and I could get used to this retirement thing.

On Saturday the mother in law took the husband and me out to lunch at a favorite little restaurant in horse country. Lunch and the company were great. From there the husband took me to this book lover’s fantasy shop:

Yes, that is a barn filled with books. Five floors of rare, antique, and used books for every stripe of reader. The pictures are from yelp.com.

Of course a place like this has a resident book dog and a book cat, as any used bookstore should have. As we were preparing to tear ourselves away, the one book I was looking for out of all 450,000+ volumes caught my eye, and I was pleased to leave with a copy of Tina Brown’s The Diana Chronicles for next month’s book club.

The husband and I opted out of church on Sunday and spent the morning resting. Thanks to the roast Mommom made for dinner, and all the amazing trappings that went with it, Sunday was the first time I have felt full in about a month. This feeling lasted approximately four hours, and then it was time to feed the beast again.

Second week back at the new old job. I have all my new representatives lined up and a few media opportunities for them this week. We have more friends coming this weekend and I am so looking forward to having familiar faces around. This last weekend of R&R came at just the right time and I feel ready for a new week!

Dietrich, however, does not. The only time he moved from this position since we got home last night was when he woke himself up with his own snoring.


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