Monuments at midnight, and a tiny wave

Over the weekend some friends came out to DC for a vacation and a visit to see us. It was a great time, and so good to see friends we haven’t seen since before we moved. They are somewhat familiar with the area and were truly up for anything, so good restaurants, new shops, and a midnight stroll around the monuments were all on the agenda.


I love the monuments, and seeing them at night is particularly romantic. With the sky dark, the distractions of the city are blocked out and the white marble and stone structures are the only things drawing the eye. The crowds become a few small clusters of people taking their time, because no one has to be anywhere for a tour in the next thirty minutes. Fewer people pose for photos. Everyone and everything is quiet.

People who come to the monuments at night, especially as late as we were there, want to see the monuments, not check off another item on the tourist must-do list. These structures complement one another perfectly, despite being built decades and decades apart. While the quiet of the monuments at midnight gives the sense that they are resting at last after a long day, you can’t ignore the feeling that the monuments are quietly standing guard as vigilant as the men, women, and presidents they memorialize ever did, for the sake of their fellow Americans.

As it happens, this couple who was visiting cloth diapers their little girl, an option I would like to consider for the little oyster. The husband isn’t convinced, but we have some time to weigh our options and can always try different things once he/she arrives. I like the idea of cloth for the baby’s comfort and a leaner, less-waste way to approach a must-have. The husband doesn’t like the idea of revisiting poop, which I also get. As we look for a new place to live when our lease is up in May, an in-unit washer and dryer might be the deciding factor on this one.

My second o.b. appointment was yesterday and the doctor said everything looks great, although I need to up my protein intake and decrease my carbs so that I don’t gain too much weight. Wah wah. I love carbs, and they love me, which is why they stick around after we get together. But I don’t want to give birth to a 15 lb. baby, I don’t want to develop gestational diabetes, and I don’t want to have 50 lbs to lose once the oyster is born. So more veggies and less toast for this girl.

The little oyster is going to appreciate that, and was so happy to be talked about that s/he waved to us during yesterday’s sonogram.

Normally sonogram pictures of from people not related to me give me the willies. Do I want to see your uterus? Not really. But that’s why I put it on my blog and not my Facebook account. As a friend just said, your blog, your rules. And that tiny little paw waving at the camera rules.


8 thoughts on “Monuments at midnight, and a tiny wave

  1. You got another ultrasound! YAY! That little baby is so cute already!!

    And, we had an absolutely fantastic time and we are already talking about coming back :).

  2. Even though I’m pretty sure he understood the pic as much as Rachel Green, your own b-day bud still said “Awww it’s so cuuute!”

  3. Pointing out that teeny-tiny little hand to Mr. Bear (and also our Pappy) yesterday made my very day! 😀 Hooray for a waving birthday buddy!

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