Whirlwind Wednesday

Today started at 7:02 a.m. with a text from the landlady, saying the furnace guy would be here in 30 minutes to do the repairs on the hot water heater, which is basically in our bedroom.

From there it was let the dog out, make the coffee, watch the dog vomit in the garden, think about getting dressed, eat breakfast, read about the 12th week of pregnancy, feed the dog a tiny breakfast, let the furnace guy in, let the dog in, get the husband out the door, move the car into the landlady’s driveway because I still refuse to register it, read and link the Google alerts I report for work, respond to emails, pay the furnace guy for the landlady, feed the dog the rest of his breakfast, let the furnace guy out, let the dog out, sign in at work, follow up on press releases from yesterday, write another press release, look up new auto insurance, call for new insurance, set up automatic deductions for new insurance, get quotes for husband’s life insurance, talk to agent about life insurance, email husband about new insurance, email sister about new insurance, call to cancel old insurance, email to cancel old insurance, write church announcement for dinner I’m organizing, contact hosts for dinner I’m organizing, respond to guest questions about dinner I’m organizing, eat yogurt, write another press release, revise an old press release, talk to an office about event on Friday, plan a PR blast for event on Friday, eat cheese and crackers, write more press releases, revise other press releases, watch House session, send press releases, respond to press inquiries about press releases, update House websites with press releases, audio clips, and photos, check on the dog sleeping outside, sweep the floor, wash yesterday’s dishes now that the water is hot, move car out of the landlady’s driveway, drive to mailbox to drop off this week’s letters, feed the dog half his dinner, take a phone call from media not even in the state, eat grapes, think about what to possibly blog about today, realize it’s 6:00, sign out of work stuff, let the dog in, realize I’m still not dressed, order pizza for dinner, and breathe.


Tonight we’re eating dinner outside and tomorrow I’ll do all the things I didn’t have time for today.

In the meantime, I now have hot water for a shower, dinner is on its way, and I hardly put a dent in the grapes. Not bad. Not bad at all.


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