Snips and snails and puppy dog tails

I had such a great time this week!

No, this doesn’t mean the little oyster is a boy–we won’t find out what it is until next month–but there was a lot of discussion over the past week about names, babies, and dogs.

The husband, Dietrich, and I got back last night from ten days in the old home state. The trip was not entirely vacation–we both worked during the week–and not entirely work–I set up camp at Barnes and Noble one day and the husband enjoyed many long lunches–and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip. We saw everyone we were hoping to see and got to catch up with tons of friends, coworkers, and family members.

But the true love of our week was Dietrich.

We brought flowers for our Saturday night dinner hosts. I got to hold them all the way.

My cousin and I played really hard. She’s a puppy and wears me out. I slept like this the rest of the trip.

In a semi-last-minute change of plans, a day or two before we left DC I was scrambling to find a new dog sitter for Dietrich to stay with during the five days we would be in Congressman X’s district. A plea on Facebook led to a friend and former roommate offering her spare room to the three of us. The arrangement couldn’t have worked out better. As soon as we arrived, Dietrich made new best friends with our hostess and her boyfriend and although a great dog bed had been set up for him in the spare room, he preferred to sleep on his blanket on the floor and rest only his head on the dog bed.

On Sunday night our hosts had a fire in the backyard fire pit and the only interruptions from Dietrich were the sounds of his snores, which were occasionally loud enough to interrupt normal conversation.

Throughout the week he took good walks with his mom who needs to stay on track for weight gain, slept the day away in his semi-private guest room, and on Wednesday drove the hour to my old office with me and spent the day in true luxury. A friend and fellow dog owner who lives right by work opened her home to him for the day, setting him up with a large Milkbone and The Today Show. For lunch a group of us brought our carry out to her house and joined Dietrich for a break in the day. He slept like a log on the hour commute “home.”

On Thursday evening we dropped the dog off at his old doggy daycare and the husband and I had a quiet and rather fancy evening at a downtown hotel. We loved it, Dietrich loved camp, and when Good Friday dawned sunny and warm-ish, we grabbed our little buddy from camp and set off for the other side of the state.

Now, it’s not news that Dietrich plays well with others. He is laid-back, well-behaved, good-natured, and will do anything for a snack. (Behold, the Rottweiler.) He has also spent the night away from us, sometimes for more than one night. But he has never spent the night away from us as a guest at someone’s house when there is another dog there at all times, until Easter weekend.

And we couldn’t have been more proud of our snip, snail, puppy dog tail.

One of my dearest childhood friends lives not far from the mom and the dad and agreed to host Dietrich for the holiday weekend. Her pitt-boxer mix Eleanor was also on board, which was just as key.

We went to the park and ran this-a-way…

…and that-a-way…

…and pretty soon I was pooped but Eleanor wasn’t so she did yoga in the grass.

The mom had put together baggies of Easter treats for the granddogs and Dietrich shared a handful of his with Eleanor before we left her house on Monday morning. My friend’s mom and other family members had been over for Easter the day before, and I melted when the friend held up the Easter stuffed toys that her mom had brought–one for Eleanor and yes, one for Dietrich. Who was ashamed that he had promptly chewed the ears off of his.

With more than a week of constant playtime, so many different dogs, new experiences and smells and toys and friends, Dietrich was ready to rest on the drive home. Fortunately, his favorite pillow was handy.

I always thought it would be more difficult than it is to travel with a dog. I guess the important things are having a dog you can trust and finding places that dog is welcome. Having the first makes it easier to have the second.

So when I think about whether the oyster is a boy or a girl, and yes I do have a slight preference which is ok, thank you very much, I can’t help but think that something made of “puppy dog tails” wouldn’t be as bad as classic children’s poetry makes it out to be. I’m quite fond of the puppy dog tail snoring away in the other room. How could adding another one be anything but sugar, spice, and everything nice?


9 thoughts on “Snips and snails and puppy dog tails

  1. So the question is whether you can come up with a kid whom everyone likes as well as we all like the *dog* you picked…

  2. Thanks for letting Dietrich stay with us! Eleanor misses her friend, though – Holly and I can’t compare as running (or napping) companions.

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