At last, I look pregnant not just impulsive

Our first family photo, Easter 2012.

Nephew 2: Bye! I love you!
Me: I love you too, buddy, and happy Easter! Can I have a hug and a kiss? <squats>
Nephew 2: Sure! <big hug, wet kiss on cheek>
Me: Thanks! See you soon.
Nephew: I love you and I love da oyster, too, so I have to give it a kiss. <kisses my belly>
Me: <puddle on ground>

During the first few weeks of a healthy woman’s pregnancy the world won’t have a clue what’s going on.

Then come the awkward weeks. Weeks of feeling like you should suck in a little bit because you don’t look pregnant, you look like you ate too much or indulge in frosty adult beverages but really, there’s just too much to hold in. Alas, pants are most comfortable unbuttoned and the shirts that are most flattering are not the ones that used to be, lo those not-so-many weeks ago.

And finally comes the blessed day when you are justified in choosing maternity clothes as your first wardrobe option because hark! your belly shows and the world, if they are looking, can tell that there is a bun in your oven, not just a 12 pack in your fridge. And it’s amazing what a little belly bump can do for an outfit. The last two days have found me wearing black yoga pants, flip flops, a white tank, and a long gray sweater. Normally this outfit could make a girl feel shlubby but add a baby bump and boom, cute and comfy mama. Behold the power of 16 weeks along.

While we’re on the subject of dates, this morning was our 16 week appointment and the little oyster’s heartbeat was declared “perfect” by our ob. Strong, steady, and galloping along at 146 bpm. Our next appointment is on May 7 and that is when, among other things, we will find out whether it’s a blue oyster or a pink oyster. WOOHOO! Later that week I will have my regular ob appointment and we’ll be at 20 weeks then. Half-way! This pregnancy thing is flying.

Any day now we should be able to feel the little oyster start moving. Everything I read says it’s hard for first time moms to differentiate between gas/belly rumblings and the baby’s early movements, so I’m not getting too excited about the weird, soft drumming I felt last night at a book club meeting, but I am on high alert for “gas” that isn’t followed by, well, gas.

This is the week when the baby can hear voices (outside its own head) and if I thought the husband was a talker before… I’m glad he is though, for real. The husband has talked to the baby since the day we found out there is one, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. How else will our baby know who to go home with after it gets born?? Sometimes I can’t hear what he’s saying but then again, he’s not talking to me, is he?

The husband wasn’t talking to anyone when he took this picture, which is why we didn’t know when to look at him. Heehee.



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