The search begins. Again.

The search for a new apartment, that is. Today the husband and I toured two places, one of which we liked, one of which we loved. The price is right, the location is right, andit’s available right away.

We, alas, are not. In a world where rent always involves a comma, we aren’t willing or in a position to double up on May’s rent. Good savers though we are. In fact, being good savers is why we can’t justify the double payment. Even for this perfect (did I mention we loved it?) place.

We will still apply though, because it would be stupid not to. A place that takes Dietrich with no questions asked and a reasonable pet deposit is one we won’t thumb our noses at. And who knows? A lot of people who are renting out homes would rather find the perfect tenants than rent the place immediately, and we are trusting that what we need will be provided at just the right time.

I just really hope it’s the cute two bedroom condo with wood floors and green ceiling in the dining nook.


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