The Frugal Oyster Budget Tally #1

A few months ago I wrote about our intention to prepare for and have the little oyster on a budget significantly smaller than the average American baby budget. As a reminder, this is what we’re going for:

The bet is that we can come in at or under my self-imposed dollar amount, without sacrificing safety or comfort of baby or parents, when calculating everything spent by us on the little oyster from conception to the first birthday. This includes all furniture, baby and maternity clothes, toys, vitamins and toiletries, and equipment, everything included in the “average” budget. This excludes insurance costs when the baby is added to the policy and the cost of the food I eat if nursing, which are also not included in the “average” budget. I will save receipts, round to the nearest dollar, and keep a running total on the blog.

The amount to meet or beat is $2,700.

And so hereafter follows the first budget tally!

The Frugal Oyster Budget Tally #1
April 17, 2012
Next update: May 17, 2012

Maternity clothes:
Three semi-dressy tops, two sleeveless, one short-sleeved, Banana Republic with coupon: $99
Four everyday cotton tanks, Old Navy: $46
One pair of jeans, Liz Lange for Target, clearance: $18
One black lightweight sweater jacket, tie waist, with pockets and hood, Old Navy: $34
One black maxi skirt, Old Navy: $32
One black tankini bathing suit, Old Navy: $48
One gray jersey knit dress, Gap Maternity at Baby Baby Consignment (tags on): $15

Gifts: Short sleeved cotton shirt with belly room

Borrowed: Khaki capris, olive green cargo capris, olive green Bermuda shorts, lightweight long-sleeved tunic, short-sleeved cotton shirt, flowy sleeveless shirt, belly band, jeans, black dress pants, belly support band

Still usable from current closet: Yoga pants, cardigans and open sweaters, some tank tops and sleeveless shirts, V-neck cotton t-shirts, some short dresses and skirts

Total: $292

Baby toys and books:
All natural teething rattle, Dr. Seuss collection, Target, clearance: $5

Gifts: Goodnight Moon board book, Guess How Much I Love You board book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book, handmade Very Hungry Caterpillar, handmade teddy bear, Winnie the Pooh travel set of board books, classic nursery rhyme treasury

Total: $5

Baby clothes:
Gray long-sleeved onesie with mama and baby elephant, Baby Gap, clearance: $7
Pale blue short-sleeved “Future Member of Congress” onesie, Capitol gift shop: $12

Gifts: Blue zip hoodie, red cable knit zip hoodie, long-sleeved onesie with whale decal, two long-sleeved onesies with chicks, handmade booties, long-sleeved hoodie with chick feet, cotton bib, short-sleeved “Future President” onesie

Total: $19

Baby essentials:

Total: $0

Prenatal vitamins, gummy, Target: $8
Prenatal vitamins, regular kind, Target: $5

Gifts: Your Pregnancy Week by Week book, baby magazines

Borrowed: Your Pregnancy for the Father-to-be book, The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy book, Parenting Guide to Your Baby’s First Year book, Your Pregnancy & Birth book

Total: $13

Running total for complete baby budget challenge: $329
Balance remaining in budget: $2,371
Percent of budget used: 12%
Months into challenge: 4
Months remaining in challenge: 17

Darn it, in my Word document I had all this color coded and it was quite pleasing to the eye. I guess copying and pasting strips me of my rights to an aesthetically pleasing blog post. Oh well!


4 thoughts on “The Frugal Oyster Budget Tally #1

  1. Did my part today to keep the stream of gently used maternity clothes flowing and sold a heap of jeans to the kids’ resale shop in my town… you know resale on these things is good when a tub of jeans and a toddler snowsuit gets more than $50 in store credit (they pay 1/3 what they can sell it for). The best part was I had bought several of the jeans and the snowsuit at that same store. 😀

  2. It’s always so comforting to know I’m not the only one who loves tidy, color-coded lists and spreadsheets. Way to keep track of everything, and good luck with that remaining 88%. 🙂

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