Next stop: Condo with the green ceiling

The wait is over! The condo with the green ceiling is ours as of May 15! Our application was approved yesterday and this morning I spoke with our realtor. The condo’s status on the real estate website is Rented and now the more exciting search for boxes begins.

Of course, we don’t need that many since half of our household is still boxed and in the furnace room down here, but I did unpack most of our prolific library and that will all have to be repacked. No worries though, books are our friends.

When I got the email from our realtor last night, I cried happy tears. And then I got a bloody nose. Thanks, pregnancy, for both of those things.


7 thoughts on “Next stop: Condo with the green ceiling

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you got it! I can’t wait to see it when I’m back to visit in September/October :).

    And, yes, you should definitely take pictures.

    p.s. the only time i’ve ever had a bloody nose was when I was pregnant. Yuck.

  2. So next time you are there, will you take and post some pictures? Someone small looked quizzically at the screen when I showed him your Paint-drawing of you two [three] under the green ceiling and said it was where you were moving.

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