Houston, we have movement

I’m not sure if it’s because we were looking at awesome Ikea furniture, eating bananas and oatmeal cookies, playing with Dietrich, or writing press releases, but today the little oyster decided he/she liked what we are up to and started to participate.

All the books and experts say a mama can normally feel a baby’s first movements between 16-20 weeks, and since everything else in this pregnancy has been textbook so far, it makes sense that the little oyster would start hip-hopping at 18 weeks.

I thought I felt a few little elbows or feet last week, but they were pretty infrequent and  I didn’t want to get too excited. But today Fred/Ginger has left no doubt. “I’m in here! Lunch was good! You spelled that wrong!”

Thanks, kid. Just like your mom. 🙂


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