It’s the final countdowwwwn

Anyone know that song?

Today the shoebox is auditioning for new tenants. The landlady posted it earlier this week on some eco website she’s part of and immediately had a handful of calls. Yesterday she posted it on craigslist and immediately had more calls. Today between the hours of 4:30-7:30, she has 12 people coming to look at it.

And what a lovely sight they will behold. In order to avoid a rushed cleaning and packing like we had when we moved out of the carriage house, I have started already on the cleaning and packing of the shoebox, doing something every day to bring us closer to leaving here with the turn of a key. This means that the place is cleaner right now than it was when we moved in, and our already pared-down possessions continue to shrink in volume as I come across things we have lived comfortably without lo these six months.

The husband and I rented the shoebox sight unseen, which was as much a gamble for us as it was for the landlady, I admit. It really has worked out, all things considered, and I hope it’s a great little landing pad for another person or couple.

But in less than three weeks we get to move on to bigger and better and we’re excited. Not because bigger is necessarily better, but because I am really really really tired of having to kneel down to see anything in the fridge and then wedging the “freezer” shut with a clothes pin while I’m down there. I hope the shoebox doesn’t show anyone that “talent” while it’s auditioning today.


One thought on “It’s the final countdowwwwn

  1. “I am really really really tired of having to kneel down to see anything in the fridge.” Shoot, moving is coming just in time. In a few short weeks you won’t be able to kneel down, period. Or get back up from that height, either. 😀

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