It’s curtains for the shoebox

The little shoebox was rented yesterday to the second person to do a walk through. Probably not the way I would have handled renting out the bottom half of my home, but hey, I’m not the landlady and it’s not our problem!

The new tenant signed a one-year lease and currently lives with her parents way out in the middle of nowhere. Sounds to me like a prime candidate for moving in before June 1 and helping us out with the cost of two apartments for two and a half weeks. We shall see.

This weekend the husband, Dietrich, and I are off to the farm to see the husband’s family and watch his brothers in a play. I like that people won’t be walking through our little home while we’re gone, as was the original plan.

And so it’s curtains for the shoebox! I can’t say I’ll miss living here, but I will always appreciate what this tiny little place represented for our little family. And in three weeks I will appreciate living above ground, where the spiders aren’t so numerous and the daylight shines in through windows that open.


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