Use the good wine glasses and don’t save cute outfits

The husband and I try very hard to make decisions that are thoroughly thought out and consistent with the way we see the world and what we value. Getting our money’s worth out of stuff is one thing we value. Examining all reasons for doing or not doing something and considering secondary and tertiary consequences is another.

Life is short and can change suddenly, for better or worse. Our surprise with Martha and the whirlwind of what’s-nexts last fall brought that point home to us. Finding out the oyster is on the way is the sunnier side of that same street.

For the reason that life is short and special, we are big believers in using the good wine glasses because heck, what are we saving them for? Glasses don’t make the occasion special, so the fancy goblets have been known to come out for a Thursday night dinner with friends because they are pretty (the glasses…although our friends are good-looking, as a rule) and we like pretty things.

Cute baby clothes will be worn over and over again because word on the street is those little shavers grow mighty fast, and if there’s an outfit we’re in love with, you better believe it’s going to get used until the last possible moment. Why save it? What would we be saving it for? I want our kids to re-wear adorable outfits, but that doesn’t mean each day has to have its own new cute things. The days can share cuteness.

Today I was asked by a dear friend why we are planning to forgo a crib when the oyster is born, and after listing our reasons for her, she said the logic was very “us,” which was meant as and taken as a compliment. Below are our reasons for eschewing that typical nursery mainstay:

We are planning to use a nice Pack n Play until it’s time for a big bed.

1. All of our family lives away, so to see them we’ll have to travel and we’ll take a Pack n Play for the oyster to sleep in. The continuity/sameness of environment when we’re traveling will be good for a little sleeper. If it’s good enough for the baby on the road, it’s good enough for the baby at home.

2. We would get a Pack n Play anyway, and using it each night gets more use out of it, instead of keeping it in the closet 80% of the time.

3. Crib recalls come out daily–we don’t need the stress of replacing something two weeks after setting it up.

4. Cribs need too much extra stuff–bumpers, organic mattresses, mattress covers, blah blah blah.

5. You aren’t supposed to move a crib and we are only renting. What if another baby comes along? Time for a new crib because it’s unwise to disassemble then reassemble one.

6. The baby will sleep in our room for the first few weeks and rolling a Pack n Play into his/her room in December will be easier and more practical than having a crib set up to collect dust in the meantime.

7. The Pack n Plays we’re looking at have bassinets and changer pieces included, which saves the trouble of getting a separate bassinet and also makes changing easy, if we don’t want to get a changing pad to put on top of the dresser. (A changing table is a definite non-necessary for us.)

8. A crib is just one more thing we can live without in our house.

Our goal is to be lean, in terms of stuff and environmental impact, and I have seen most kids I know sleep comfortably in Pack n Plays for many years. I’d rather get every penny’s worth out of a $120 Pack n Play than have to scrap a crib in mint condition in two years, since you’re also not supposed to buy/sell a used crib (see #3). Also, lots of cribs are made of particle board or have weird chemical treatments and we don’t like that.

So, like the wine glasses and cute baby outfits, the Pack n Play is a decision we have made that uses what we have (or will have) for its purpose and out of which we get true value.

Right now I feel like I would get some true value out of a nice glass of pinot grigio, but I don’t think that’s how the oyster wants to celebrate its 19-week mark.


6 thoughts on “Use the good wine glasses and don’t save cute outfits

  1. “You arenโ€™t supposed to move a crib”?? Never heard that one.

    My brother and sister-in-law have a Pack-and-Play-however-you-spell-it *and* a crib. For now, my niece mostly sleeps in the former, with some napping in the crib at times. However, they did at least buy the kind of crib that is meant to expand into a bed frame later. Sooo…half credit.

    • Most people use cribs, and lots of people use both, I know we’re not taking the standard route.

      And how crazy is that about cribs! A few things I have read say it’s bad to move your crib to, say, vacuum under it because parts can shift or unscrew or whatever. Taking it apart to move is a big no-no. Not worth the trouble, says this renter!

  2. oh the cute outfits!! Piper has so many 0-3 month outfits that I just LOVED and every day was a special occasion!! Lots of people leave their teeny tinys in jammies all day, but I had so much “real” clothing for her to wear, that I dressed her up every day.

    Only one more week until I find out whether to buy the oyster cute boy or cute girl clothing :)!!!

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