No means no…at least according to mom

Me: I think that for you the hardest part about parenting a daughter is going to be saying ‘no.’
The husband: She’s going to be my baby girl, of course I won’t be able to tell her no.
Me: You’ll have to learn.
The husband: I can hardly tell you no. Have I ever said no to you?
Me: Yes.
The husband: When?
Me: You told me once I couldn’t have a Jack Russell Terrier.

The husband grew up in a family of all boys, and I grew up in a family of all girls. My strong desire to start with a girl is due mostly to the fact that I get them better. That and the marked absence of worms and bugs in many a little girl’s list of interests.*

It’s good to identify your weaknesses and work on them before it’s actually game time. Of course we’ll find other things we need to work on that we didn’t know or realize before having a baby, but knowing that the husband will probably struggle to tell the little oyster no is a good start. Knowing that I will probably struggle to say yes to things she wants makes me think that she will probably live a balanced life, despite her parents’ shortcomings. Figuring out these things in advance means we can go into the game with a plan and play to our parental-team strengths.

Photo evidence: The husband thought the little oyster needed this and didn’t think I would notice if he just added it to the cart.

* I said many, not all. When she was in first grade, the little sister collected beetles on the playground at school and brought them home in the front pocket of her backpack. She was found out when the beetles that were still alive found their way out of the front pocket of her backpack and made themselves at home in her bedroom. I *think* the little sister tried denying that they were hers.


2 thoughts on “No means no…at least according to mom

  1. Does your fair commonwealth require minors to register Little Tikes coupes, as well? That might help OysterDad say no to a car… Except I happen to think the oyster needs one of those, too. They are extremely versatile, low-carbon-emissions/high-kid-energy-burning, long-range-valuable items. Find one at a garage sale and you’re staying the course! Ours cost $5 and $8. (Is that $25 in Virginiabucks?)

    • i am concerned about the increased insurance costs associated with sidewalk driving and plastic car ownership, but we’ll start budgeting now for when the time comes. and yes, 5+8 in your money is about equal to 25 here, plus sales tax plus commonwealth tax. drrrrr.

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