A one-two punch

Last night the husband and I started a little oyster registry at Target! We got there late in the day and the husband’s energy level was waning fast, so we didn’t make a big production of it but we did have fun picking out a few adorable little things and some required items before I had to load the sleeping father into the cart and push him out the door.

The registry is a work in progress, but it’s a fun one. Unlike getting married, when we knew what we wanted and needed and would reflect us as a couple and a newly established home, we’re a lot more open to advice or opinions from parents who have been-there-done-that with baby products. (Products, I said. Advice on products.)

Now, as anyone can gather from reading the blog or knowing us in person, we won’t swallow everyone’s advice hook, line, and sinker and we’re not likely to do things just because others have. But really, how do we know which bottles are the best without asking? How many onesies does she really need, and do we truly skip all the newborn stuff and only register for 3 month sizes and bigger? (Answer: No, because Target had some stinkin’ adorable newborn onesies and yes, they are on the registry. But only a few of them.) How many long-sleeved, one-piece pajamas does she need, and how different is this number from how many we will want her to have, for laundry purposes? Are we threatening her safety with the long-sleeved, two-piece pajamas we picked out? (Parents, feel free to respond in the comments!)

This morning I emailed the other middle sister and based on what she said, swapped out the bottle choices we had made for the ones she and her husband used on Nephew 2. Then I selected her recommendation in glass. See? Taking advice, and making it our own. That and I think the glass bottles are chic.

Target has great baby items, but the selection there isn’t huge so we’re building another registry on Amazon. For about eight seconds I considered trying to register for the little oyster entirely online, never setting foot in a baby store or baby aisle, but when that eight seconds was up, I remembered that we’re trying to be frugal, but we’re still human and this is a human experience we get to have. This stuff is cute, and it’s fun to touch and see it in person. It’s also fun to see the husband holding two little baby girl outfits, looking discerningly and weighing the merits of each before deciding which one to scan for the registry, and then going back to add the other anyway.

When we got home, the little oyster was moving around, excited for the little goodies we picked out for her. She got so excited that the husband was able to feel her move for the first time! I think he grinned until he fell asleep.

Not bad for a Wednesday, which also marked 20 weeks for this pregnancy. A registry up and running and a kick for the dad? I call it a one-two punch for the little oyster.


4 thoughts on “A one-two punch

  1. I think product advice is awesome! Of course, I didn’t listen to anyone when they told me not to buy all of the bottles I would need until after I had tried them. Wish I would have listened, I have a closet full of Dr. Brown’s and Piper would only use Breastflow (like, seriously, she could not figure out how to use any other kind of bottle).

    And, I’m all for newborn sized clothing. Piper was long and lean and still fit into newborn clothes for at least a month.

    Glad you decided to register in person, it is so fun!

  2. This is product advice: One-piece outfits (or at least a one-piece underneath) are the most practical for the first few months until the baby starts solid food, because poop blowouts are frequent – one of mine went at every.single.feeding, loudly – and very, very drippy until that great rice cereal plugs up baby and turns her hard poop green. One of our cousins actually cut onesies off his child so as not to drag them over his head, they were so fouled. At least with a thin layer of fabric to hold back the whelming flood up the back of the otherwise-open-to-the-air diaper, you’ve got half a chance to grab a burpcloth as a quick barrier to cover your own hands a bit while you hustle O to the changing spot. Oh, more product advice: skip white anything. Spit-up turns it yellow, and also, see above.

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