The land of milk(bones) and honey

And pictures of our awesome new bathroom!

We knew moving out here that DC/NOVA is a dog-friendly place to live but calling Alexandria dog-friendly is an understatement of Mastiff-sized proportions. Our new neighborhood in particular is full of dogs and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that they outnumber the people here the way sheep do in New Zealand.

There are 12 units in our new building, and one of the neighbors said that at one point since she has lived there over the last five years, every unit had a dog. On our first morning here, the husband took Dietrich for a walk around the block and came back telling me about the friends our little pup had made, because walking your dog at 7:30 on a Sunday morning is as much a social hour as 7:30 at night.

Another person–also walking his dog–mentioned that this is a great place to let your dog walk off-leash if you’re comfortable with that. Having a dog that can walk responsibly off-leash has always been a dream of mine (judge not) and apparently it’s not frowned on around here. So on Monday night the husband and I took Dietrich for a trial walk up and down the street, off-leash. He was superb, if a little hesitant that walking meant we wouldn’t also throw his tennis ball for him and he couldn’t decide which he would rather do before bed.

Dietrich also walks off-leash to and from the car when we drive places, which has been especially helpful as we haul boxes and juggle different sets of keys this week. I feel like this is the relief a parent gets when a child masters the big-kid toilet months before a little sibling is due to arrive. If Dietrich responded to gold stars, I’d set up a chart for him.

In a few days, I’m done with the new old job. I continue looking for real full-time career-track work, but just to cover all the bases, I’m applying this morning at different dog walking companies in the area. The husband and I talked about me starting my own company, but I’m not a businesswoman, I don’t want to become one right now, and who would walk my furry little clients after I have the oyster? We agreed that now is not the time to start my own biz.

But it IS the time for me to unpack our clothing boxes, now that those have come over from the shoebox and I’m not longer wearing crusty yoga pants and the husband’s t-shirts. Victory.


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