That was a nice surprise!

Last weekend the husband and I went north to PA for the weekend. His grandma and all of her sisters had planned a brunch for their daughters and granddaughters, and the mother-in-law got to have a daughter (me, hello) along for it. I was under the impression that this was an annual thing, although the mother-in-law was under the impression that it was a belated Mother’s Day get-together.

Neither one of us was under the impression that it was a surprise baby shower!

Oh hello, and surprise! Now please don’t wake me until the baby arrives. Thank you.

But that’s what Mommom turned it into, plus a surprise grandma shower, which I had never heard of until the husband’s family. You know, when the grandma-to-be gets goodies to keep at her house that will help her be a grandma.ย The mother-in-law received bath time, bed time, story time, riding-in-the-car time, picnic time, and snuggling time baby things to make the oyster’s–and future grandbabies’–trips to the farm comfortable for everyone.

In addition to the gorgeous baby blanket that Mommom crocheted for the little oyster using the pattern and colors she had me pick out the very day we told them there even was an oyster, the aunts and great aunts and cousins were so generous. Now the oyster has little tiny clothes to wear! One of the cousins is an Arbonne lady, so the oyster also has the classiest shampoo, wash, and diaper rash cream on the market. A boo-boo bunny, the world’s softest stuffed lamb, hangers for itty-bitty clothes, the oyster is well on her way to having a room of necessities to come home to once she hatches.

It was so fun to be surprised. Someone (not at the party) told me that I should just assume that when I’m invited somewhere, someone is going to do something for me and the baby. After I swallowed the spit I was about to choke on, I managed to say something polite about not assuming everyone’s life or budget revolves around me and my baby. Heck, our budget barely revolves around this baby, and our lives only do when we’re not busy doing fun grown-up things.

Again, it was so fun to be surprised and so nice of everyone to bring such wonderful gifts. Half of these women I had never met before, and I know it was kind of a drive for a few of them to get to Mommom’s. But the brunch was delicious and the surprise was great. The mother-in-law and I got to pack our gift bags of chicks and rocking horses up in her new Jeep and head off to the farm, where I carefully pawed through all the bags to show the husband what fun things the oyster will have to use when she comes.

I already know what great genes and stories and experiences the oyster is coming into with my family, but it was a lot of fun to hear the stories and banter of the husband’s family, too. Mommom and her sisters and their girls are living proof that age is a number, family is always family, and your sisters will remember your most unflattering and hilarious moments and recount them at showers in years to come.


4 thoughts on “That was a nice surprise!

  1. “your sisters will remember your most unflattering and hilarious moments and recount them at showers in years to come.” But we won’t tell tales on you at your own shower. Not when your eyes tear up at the merest mention of a soft fluffy lamb toy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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