It’s basically an $80 toothbrush

Over the weekend the husband and I got a shiny card in the mail, advertising discounted prices on new patient services at a local dentist.

Having one’s teeth cleaned during pregnancy is one of those big must-dos that I had no idea about until the oyster was good and in there. Unfortunately, when the husband and I switched from my insurance to his, we didn’t select dental coverage and the fact that this makes me a horrible mom and I haven’t even met my daughter yet has weighed on me since.

Enter the new patient deals. I immediately scheduled my cleaning and x-rays for $79 and slept well for the next few nights. Yesterday at the ob I asked about having the x-rays done and she gave me the all-clear, since the dentist of course uses the lead-filled aprons and my teeth are in my head, not my uterus.

But today the office wouldn’t do the x-rays. They told me I can come back for the x-rays after the baby is born, since I did pay for them, and went ahead with the teeth cleaning and consultation. The body produces more of everything during pregnancy, including blood and saliva and sure enough, the standard cleaning alone rendered me a mouth full of gore. I did not panic.

The kind dentist, who told me that when his first son was born in the middle of the night he put a curse on him for it and now that son is a high-risk obstetrician so he got his, poked around in my mouth and pointed out the small areas of concern. He suggested that snacking less and therefore raising the acidity in my mouth less often would help prevent future decay and that an electric toothbrush would also help me out. I said that I just happen to have a birthday coming up, I’ll put it on the list. Instead he gave me one as a present. 🙂

When the little oyster arrives, the husband and I will add her and dental coverage to our insurance. In the meantime, I will brush faithfully with my new birthday present and continue to floss. The snacking less, well, we’ll see.

Today I also got a job offer! Yes, readers, you are looking at one of northern Virginia’s newest canine perambulatory specialists. In other words, I’m a dog walker. I start at the end of the month. Hopefully the tendonitis my foot has recently developed will be under control and I will be able to execute my duties swiftly and faithfully. I bet I’ll have to take a vow that says that.


2 thoughts on “It’s basically an $80 toothbrush

  1. I have told you the latest nephew’s effect on my dental bill, haven’t I? Very similar to Christine’s experience. Btw, I think it is completely unfair that dentists are allowed to call it 3 fillings when it is the same silly tooth, just 3 sides of it have an issue. No wonder my dentist lives in a cathedral-ceilinged house in an upscale small country town.

  2. I was SOOOO happy I got out of xrays when I was pregnant because I HATE them. I fully intend on being unable to get my yearly ones done in November ;). I have a small mouth and seriously gag the whole time.

    Oh, and Piper left me with 5 cavities despite the twice daily brushing and flossing. I blame the third trimester heartburn on that.

    Yay on the job! And yay on the birthday toothbrush!!!!

    p.s. I miss you, friend!

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