Busy bees

In the last two weeks the husband and I have hosted out-of-town company, traveled to and from the home state, prepared for and celebrated the dad’s 60th birthday, planned and (barely) carried out family photos while in the home state, had a baby shower, cleaned the entire condo, started the new dog walking job, replaced tires and passed a commonwealth-mandated vehicle safety inspection, and picked a baby name.

Now we’re back in town and little things like go to the DMV and switch license plates and driver’s licenses, walk more dogs, and plan for the little oyster are on the immediate to do list.

I’m also hoping to finish the painting projects I started the other week so I can at last blog about them and then clean up the newspaper that is strewn expectantly across the floor in the baby’s room.

While we were out of town, Dietrich stayed with a friend and had a grand old time. How do I know? Well, one, he always has a grand old time with her and two, he looks like this at 10:30 in the morning:


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