The Frugal Oyster Budget Tally #3

Oops, a little slow in posting this! I blame the heat. See today’s previous post.

The Frugal Oyster Budget Tally #3

June 17, 2012

Next update: July 17, 2012

Maternity clothes: Maternity bra: $54
Gray convertible pants/capris: $24



Still usable from current closet: Cardigans and open sweaters, some short dresses

Total: $78

Baby toys and books:

Gifts:  Multiple books, multiple stuffed animals,

Total: $0

Baby clothes:

Gifts: Long-sleeved onesie, cherry patterned dress, leggings and tunic, striped romper, newborn socks, newborn onesies, newborn hats

Total: $0

Baby essentials:

Gifts: Teether, wipes, nail clipper/hygiene kit, hangers, swaddler, drool bibs, Arbonne baby wash and shampoo and lotion and rash cream, boo-boo bunny, wash cloths, hooded towel, burp cloths

Total: $0


Gifts: Hand-crocheted blanket, shopping cart protector, baby-proof plug protectors, photo album, photo frame

Total: $0

Running total for complete baby budget challenge: $490

Balance remaining in budget: $2,210

Percent of budget used: 18%

Months into challenge: 6

Months remaining in challenge: 15

The bet is that we can come in at or under my self-imposed dollar amount, without sacrificing safety or comfort of baby or parents, when calculating everything spent by us on the little oyster from conception to the first birthday. This includes all furniture, baby and maternity clothes, toys, vitamins and toiletries, and equipment, everything included in the “average” budget. This excludes insurance costs when the baby is added to the policy and the cost of the food I eat if nursing, which are also not included in the “average” budget. I will save receipts, round to the nearest dollar, and keep a running total on the blog.

The amount to meet or beat is $2,700.


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