Before and after

The last few weeks have been productive ones in terms of home projects. Or rather, I have been productive, and have the projects to prove it.

Here’s what Dietrich and I have been up to:

1. The little oyster’s giraffe clothing rack.

Before. Yes, it’s a giraffe. No, it’s not a sea monster. Yes, I’m sure.

After. See? Giraffe.

Dietrich wanted to be helpful all day and didn’t want to miss his chance to be in the picture. At the last minute he changed his mind and came over to sniff my knees.

2. My bedside table.

Before. When the shabby-chic salvage look worked with our decor and before the table had been through four moves.

After, with a clean, high gloss white finish, perfect for a stack of chick lit and a new lamp.

3. The husband’s bedside table.

Before, when pale vintage blue worked as a nice punch in our apple-green-and-white bedroom.

After, with a lovely thick coat of high gloss white and a new lampshade. The husband even put his bedtime water glass on a coaster of business cards for the first few nights. Ha!

4. Bedroom bookshelf.

I didn’t take any before shots because I had the paint open after the husband’s bedside table and just jumped right in. Mostly I just spruced up the inside with the bright white paint, so now it looks sharp instead of dingy.

Before the oyster comes we are still planning to paint the kitchen and, if possible, the ceiling in our bedroom. But I’m afraid that would lead to baseboards and door frames and a touch up here and a touch up there, so we might just draw the line at the kitchen walls. We’ll see.

The next big thing is finding a couch that fits here and fits us, and coming up with shelving options for our piles of books that are residing on the floor. Now that we have a coffee table and I have found and hung living room curtains (one more thing from the pre-baby, pre-parent-guests check list), the overall look isn’t very conducive to the college stand-by of moving boxes for “shelves.”


One thought on “Before and after

  1. Love the redos! I may have to adopt a few for my downstairs craft area.

    You could always hold off on the bedroom until after the little oyster is born and moved back over into her own room (probably napping pretty predictably by then). We painted our whole kitchen and possibly the hallway – I forget, the kitchen at least though – when A1 was 6 months old and took two naps a day. Worked great. He wasn’t self-propelled so it wasn’t a big deal to keep him out while the paint dried.

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