The 4th has come and gone

Although Independence Day was earlier this week, I never mentioned it and wanted to use this photo, which proves that you can take the boy out of the reenactment, but you can’t take the reenactment out of the boy:

Eschewing ahead of time the popular-with-tourists fireworks on the National Mall, the husband and I grabbed our Mt. Vernon annual passes and spent a portion of the afternoon at George Washington’s plantation. The good general hosted thousands for daytime fireworks over the Potomac (viewed from Mt. Vernon’s front lawn), a special citizenship ceremony for new American citizens, and birthday cake for America.

You might think it’s the pregnant lady in me talking, but believe you me, the cake was divine. Each one was frosted with an American flag, and the custard between the layers was still chilled, despite the 104* temp.

After that we went home and were pleased to find that the power, which had gone out that morning, was back on. We agreed that it’s nice to be neighbors of Mt. Vernon, and our annual passes were the best $50 we have spent this year.

For our all-American dinner, we bought salmon at Whole Foods and had that with corn on the cob, both grilled, then ate outside. By then we’d had enough of being outdoors and watched the NYC 4th of July festivities on TV before going to bed.

Tonight the city of Alexandria will launch fireworks from the river in celebration of her 263rd birthday. With pieces of the husband’s family in town today, we’ll watch the fireworks, conveniently across the street from our house, then we’ll have ice cream in Old Town. Heaven help the person who tries to change the last part of that plan.

As they say on the shirts at Old Navy, happy birthday, America!


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