A handsome offer accepted

Lunch with the husband was a wonderful time of discussing our options and talking about what a great opportunity this job would be for me and for us as a family.

After lunch, I called The Good Congressman’s chief of staff and told him I wasn’t going to split hairs on the salary, I’m fine with it, but I wanted to make sure we’re on the same page with maternity leave. Turns out they don’t have a page on maternity leave and since I won’t qualify for FMLA leave by the time I need it, our negotiations started from scratch.

In the end, after more discussion on their end and another phone call to me, I took the job. My maternity leave is somewhat laughable yet entirely American. (Moms, how long did you each want to stay after the little oyster is born??) But you know what? I’m a Capitol Hill press secretary and the show must go on.

Future bridges will be crossed as necessary.


3 thoughts on “A handsome offer accepted

  1. Woot! Accept all the help you can get those six weeks. Postpartum is such a foggy, weepy, weird time. My best advice (not that you asked) would be to focus on you (mostly sleeping) and feeding the oyster during those weeks. Everything else can be handled by someone else. You get to outsource! ๐Ÿ˜€

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