Martha rides again

If blogging was a class requirement, I would have failed by now. Whoops! Good thing I graduated already and blogging is just for fun.

On Wednesday the little oyster will be 34 weeks. 34 weeks! If labor starts anytime after next Wednesday, 35 weeks, my o.b. said they won’t stop it. Then she said she has no reason to believe the little oyster would arrive that early–she sounds way too happy tucked away in my belly.

But the oyster’s method of arrival is the next big item to settle and so tomorrow morning I go for an MRI to check on Martha. Dr. J sent over all my brain scans and pathology reports to my o.b. who said she wants another neurosurgeon to look at them and make the call on a vaginal delivery vs. C-section. A brain doc might look at the old scans, see nothing has changed on the new scans, and say “Oh, that location isn’t a problem, go ahead and push out your baby.” Or he might not say that, we don’t know yet.

I do know that there’s a reason most doctors don’t hand you your own medical record for a bit of light reading. But because my o.b. scheduled the MRI for me and it’s tomorrow morning, she sent me home with a copy of my record from Dr. J’s office so I can hand it to the new neurosurgeon in case the copy she mailed doesn’t get there by 11 a.m. tomorrow.

After my appointment today I dashed down to the pediatrics wing and asked for the bio of the pediatrician my o.b. recommended. While the very friendly receptionist printed the information for me, I flipped through my file from Dr. J’s office.

The two pages of operative notes were equal parts fascinating and disturbing. Seeing phrases like “The scalp was opened and a bur hole was drilled,” “The dura was opened primarily,” “A portion was taken consistent with abnormal tissue consistent with a brain tumor,” “The wound was copiously irrigated,” and “The system was removed from the skull” and knowing that was my scalp and my dura and my tissue and my skull put me into a bit of a funk for the rest of the day.

Flipping through the rest of the file though, it was nice to see that my post-op  psychiatric evaluation listed me as “intact, alert to place, time, person, and situation.” And that in our initial meeting, Dr. J called me “a pleasant 26-year-old female.” Those things take the edge off “lesion” and “mass.” A little.

So tomorrow I’ll go into work for a little bit and then zip out for an MRI to see what Martha is up to these days. And I do hope she’s up to nothing because I’m busy growing more important and exciting things at the moment, pleasant female that I am.



2 thoughts on “Martha rides again

  1. Love that you were “pleasant.” 😀 In a doctor’s assessment 10-12 years ago, I was called something like “alert and responsive times 3”. :/

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