Dietrich State

Me: When I dash into Target, can you please go to the pet store and get Dietrich’s new name tag?
The husband: Yes.
Me: Thank you. I want it to be just like the old one but on the back, where we list our names and cell numbers, I also want you to put a line that says “I’m chipped!”
The husband: Ok, I just want to double-check…chipped has two Ps, right?
Me: Yes, yes it does.
The husband: I hope I spell his name right.
Me: Me too. So I drew you a picture of the new name tag and what it should say on one side, and what it should say on the other side. Can you please get him the same blue bone tag he had last time?
The husband: Yes. I’ve got this baby.
Me: Ok great, thanks. See you in a few minutes. Just like the old tag, please!
The husband: You bet.

10 minutes later.

The husband: I got the tag! I spelled his name wrong.
Me: You did not!
The husband: No, I didn’t. Haha.
Me: Can I see the tag? Did “I’m chipped!” fit on the back?
The husband: Yes.
Me: What is this?
The husband: I picked a new font.
Me: Why?
The husband: I just like this one better.
Me: Ok. But don’t you think it’s kind of hard to read? Compounding the fact that our dog has a foreign name to begin with?
The husband: I thought it looked cool.
Me: It makes our dog look like a Big 10 school.
The husband: He’s Big 10 in my book.
Me: Good because your dog’s name tag now screams “Dietrich State!”
The husband: Go Fightin’ Rotts!



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