Touch down!

The solo flight week is over!

The office is still not only clipping along but key surfaces have been Lysol-wiped and the constituent response cards that need to be entered into our system are stacked somewhat neatly all together and out of the way.

Imagine my surprise and temptation to panic when most of these arrived on the same day. Even the mail lady couldn’t believe the pile she dropped off with the morning delivery. There are well over 1,500 postcards here and each one will be entered into our system and receive a response.

FYI, to those of you who write to your representatives, the letters do get to their offices, but mail services opens them first. That’s mostly for the safety of reps and staffers, so that we don’t get anthraxed. When your letter arrives in our office it has a white sticker over the part of the envelope that has been sliced open, holding the contents inside.

And so five days, a gazillion postcards, a hundred phone calls, 10 media requests, one press release and a few gallons of water (I kept track on the water cooler counter) later, the solo flight has touch down.

I missed my office friends and I missed being able to run to the bathroom without locking the door behind me. Looking forward to next week!


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