Our civic duty

This week there was a special election in our neighborhood to replace our delegate in the state assembly. Not because we didn’t like the guy who was in there before, but because he quit on his own or something.

Our plan was to eat dinner and walk Dietrich up to the school where the voting was taking place. Turns out that around here the polls close at 7, not 8 like we are used to, so we had to drive to do our civic duty.

As we pulled out of the parking lot, our neighbors and friends from down the street tore into it. While he ran in to vote (she had done so earlier), our two cars idled while we talked local politics like we were old hands and true grown ups with an interest in the community. It was fun.

Since Dietrich didn’t get to go with us, I tried to console him by giving him my ‘I voted’ sticker. He liked it but was still kind of pouty. He really wanted to participate in the process himself, I think.


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