Get while the gettin’s good

The little oyster could arrive any day and the husband and I are excited about that.

But we have enjoyed being a two-person-and-then-a-dog family for the last four years and we realize that we’ll be giving up some of what we’re used to in terms of flexibility, availability, and portability. Not sacrificing, but giving up. There’s a difference and I think the difference is attitude. So while it’s still just us, we have made it a point to get while the gettin’s good.

Last weekend, over Labor Day, two of my besties came to visit. The husband chauffeured us around the monuments at night so we didn’t have to find parking and walk a ton but for most of our daytime activities, it was just the girls, sans car seat, sans diaper bag, sans nursing breaks. We had a blast. The little oyster’s new toy holder, a one-of-a-kind piece found at Eastern Market last Saturday, was a gift from them.

This week the husband and I puttered around the apartment after work each night and once I even tried to go to bed at 8:00 just because I still can. Alas, my brain wasn’t on the same page as my body so I got up again at 9:30 and played with Dietrich until 11 when all of us were ready for bed.

Yesterday I slept in and went out to breakfast with some friends. Then I took a four-hour nap in the afternoon before the husband and I went out to meet some friends in Georgetown at 9:30 because we still can right now. The only planning ahead required is making sure there are enough Milkbones in the box to toss some to Dietrich while we lock the door behind us.

Unfortunately, being on my feet at our event last night set off a series of contractions and sciatica so bad that my leg hardly worked this morning and we skipped church while I parked myself as comfortably as possible in a living room chair.*

And now our afternoon takes us out to catch up with more friends. Catching up while sitting still, I’m hoping. I don’t need to stand up to cheer for the Eagles game anyway. The husband will be loud enough for all three of us. And the table next door, no doubt.

* When we moved out here, we sold or donated most of our household items, especially furniture. The shoebox didn’t have room for a couch and when we moved to the condo, I was between jobs so we didn’t want to drop the $$ on one, not knowing when I’d be working again and for how much. And now I have a great job, the oyster is imminent, and our new gray microsuede couch arrives at our door a week from Tuesday. We almost bought the lovely celadon green couch but then remembered that we have a black dog, so chose granite instead.



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