“I have to pack her bag!!!”

The husband: Hey, do we need to pick out an outfit to bring the baby home in?
Me: I did. It’s laying in her Pack ‘n Play.
The husband: <peers in> Is that all she needs?
Me: <peers in> Onesie, pants, socks, tiny slippers, matching hat, swaddling blanket, receiving blanket, and a stuffed elephant. There’s a diaper in her diaper bag and I think they’ll give us a few more. That should do it.
The husband: Hmmm. Are you sure? What’s she going to sleep in while we’re at the hospital?
Me: Probably a diaper and a blanket, courtesy of the hospital.
The husband: What if we’re there for more than one night?
Me: Ok.
The husband: She needs pajamas!! I have to pack her bag!!!
Me: <stares>
The husband: <stares>
Me: Like you packed your bag?
The husband: Please don’t ever go out of town when our daughter has a sleepover to attend.

In the end, we compromised on one more onesie, a long-sleeved sleeper, and another hat, this one with ears, which happens to match the pajamas. I had to draw the line at a sleep sack and a pair of jeans “just in case.” The child won’t even be able to focus her eyes; she doesn’t get options.

To say that the husband is eagerly awaiting his daughter’s arrival is a grand understatement. At work this week the good congressman offered me more maternity leave, since we see now how unchallenged he is in his reelection campaign. I am happy and relieved to say that I have eight weeks at home with the little oyster once she arrives. I couldn’t wait to the tell the husband via gmail chat:

Me: I have good news!
The husband: You’re in labor?
Me: No, better.
The husband: She’s born????
Me: Ha, I should be so lucky. No, they offered me more maternity leave. 🙂
The husband: Oh. That is good.

Last night the father in law drove down with baby furniture that was a gift from someone in the husband’s old neighborhood–full story to follow. He and the husband carried in the already-assembled changing table and the two folding chairs that were holding up our changing pad in case of emergency were returned to the basement. If we feel like getting showered and dressed today and going to Target, we’ll get the storage bins we’re planning to use as dresser drawers and put away all of her tiny clothes.

Our new rocking chair also arrived yesterday! In our hunt for a non-glider, non-upholstered, easily re-purposed, non-babyish, physically and aesthetically lightweight, non-investment piece, we turned to amazon.com. I think I ordered the chair on Tuesday, noting that it was supposed to ship next Tuesday and would arrive the following week. Instead it showed up two days later and we assembled it while chatting with the father in law.

This morning I practiced reading in it. It works. 🙂

The oyster’s due date is in 11 days. On Thursday evening I had contractions for a few hours and we were preparing to welcome the little lady on the little sister’s birthday, making her a true birthday buddy. But I slept off the contractions and now on Saturday morning, the little oyster is still along for the ride as we arrange her room and wash the floors.

The kitchen is spotless, there’s only one load of laundry to wash, the floors are drying, and all paper goods for the next three months have been stocked. Nesting? Sure. Realizing that means the little oyster is on her way in a matter of days? Eeeee.


4 thoughts on ““I have to pack her bag!!!”

  1. I dreamed of you a couple nights ago. I dreamed that you had a baby girl and that you named her Tiffany and some odd middle name (kind of like a product name starting with an “H.” I can’t remember. I do remember thinking that it just didn’t seem right, not right at all. Then the dream continued in a completely different direction.

    • hahaha! i had a mild panic when i looked at sonogram pictures again the other day and decided all the techs had read them incorrectly and really her girl parts were boy parts. the husband had to talk me down and remind me that anyone who tells girls from boys for a living probably has an edge over me. tiffany would be a rough name for a dude. 🙂

  2. Do you have any of those snap-across t-shirt/undershirts? They are usually called kimono shirts. Much easier than onesies when you have a sticking-out belly button stub to contend with – and also a little bobblehead who isn’t used to having a shirt collar pulled over her head. Our hospital put the kids in long-sleeve kimono undershirts while they were there, but we bought a 3-pack of short-sleeves for home and that was sufficient. I think they may only come in itty-bitty size. We used Gerber shirts and they fit easily under a one-piece sleeper or romper.

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