He’s famous!

Last week I entered Dietrich as a candidate in the 4th Annual Cutest Pet on Capitol Hill contest, put on by the Animal Health Institute.

This week he was nominated as the candidate representing the Dog Party! πŸ˜€

My esteemed readers, please feel free to vote for this adorable candidate here.

The husband talked to his dad briefly today and when I heard him mention Dietrich’s ‘primary’ victory and that the race is now Dietrich against a kitten and a turtle, I laughed out loud. A kitten and a turtle are the competition? Does life get cuter?

Anyway, Dietrich was very excited to hear about his primary victory and smiled at passing cars all the way home. Voting for the election to Cutest Pet on Capitol Hill goes through Wednesday evening. Regardless of the outcome in the general election, the husband and I are proud to say we own the cutest dog on Capitol Hill!

This guy!


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