A blip at the end of the road

Tomorrow the oyster is a full 40 weeks. Yessss!

Today the husband and I saw my ob for what we hope is the last appointment before the baby comes, but it may not be. My blood pressure was up (for me), the swelling in my hands and feet is significant, and there was some protein in my tinks. These classic signs of pre-eclampsia were enough to put me on the fetal monitor for a half-hour and for my ob to send me downstairs for blood work.

Tomorrow I’ll stay home from work for further just-in-case monitoring that involves saving my pee in a container for 24 hours. Sounds “fun” so I told work I’ll be working from home. I spared them the details.

At the end of my appointment my blood pressure was normal again. It wasn’t high-high in the first place, but it was higher than what’s normal for me. The baby’s heartbeat looked great on the monitor and it was cool to see how contractions registered as they happened. If the oyster is still in the oven by Friday morning, we go back to the ob. The original plan was to induce a week from tomorrow if she doesn’t show, but now I think she’ll be here before this weekend, one way or another.

Once she comes, I plan to throw things on the floor and pick them up again just because I can. I also plan to wear shoes, even just for a few minutes.


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