And away they go!

The maternity clothes, that is! All the way to the basement, to await their usefulness the next time we have a bun in the oven.

Ready for their new digs in storage.

With the maternity clothes (except for one pair of jeans and the belly band that lets me wear normal human pants without buttoning or zipping them) packed away, it’s the end of an era. Combined with the little oyster’s recent propensity for sleeping in four-hour blocks at night, I’m confident that sooner rather than later I’ll have the mental capacity and energy to blog on a semi-daily basis.

Just think of everything we have to talk about! An election, an evacuation, working from home, visitors galore, the latest in Martha news, fall in the commonwealth, an anniversary. Makes me want to take a nap just thinking about it. Oh wait, maybe that’s the new baby we’ve been living with.


One thought on “And away they go!

  1. Maternity wears can be boring,but during your pregnancy they make you feel very comfortable. I got mine online from morph maternity and they had good fitting,compliments kept flowing in from my workplace.I wore mine for a few months even after my delivery,since i still had the tummy 😉

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