Dogblog: See, Dad? It’s not scary

Hello, good readers! Dietrich here. I’m very proud to be the Cutest Pet on Capitol Hill the very first guest blogger ever on redwhiteandnew. My mom has offered the chance to my dad before, but he says he’s not quite brave enough so I wanted to show him it’s not scary at all! Any dad with thumbs and any handsome Rottweiler Lab mix can do it!

As you can imagine, life is a little different since the naked puppy my little sister arrived. Right when she had to get born, I had a ton of fun. First, I got to go to BOTH of my awesome sitters’ houses while Mom and Dad went to the hospital. Next, my Nana and Papa came to visit me and we went on great walks and Nana gave me a ball and I got most excellent belly-and-ear rubs from them when they weren’t all ooo-ey and ahh-ey over the naked puppy my little sister. And then when the big storm–my mom and dad called it “sandy” but I called it just super rainy–came and we went to see our grandparents in case the power went out I got to play in a big field and then I found two deer and I ran after them like a bullet! They were faster than me but woohoo, I gave them a run for their deer money.

When my mom still wasn’t feeling that good some strangers brought us food for dinners. One of the strangers brought a short person who patted me on the head and rolled my inside ball around for me and I really liked that. Then my mom’s sisters all came to visit! Not at the same time or I would have had to bunk up with someone–ew, girls. Even my dad’s mama came to visit and hold the naked puppy my little sister which I really liked because that meant my dad could take me to the park and play, just me and him. I like those times.

Nowadays I’m just working on being a stoic big brother. Like my photo at the top of this post? I have to teach the naked puppy my little sister how to do important things like ignore dumb dogs that bark too much, sleep for hours and hours, find all the crumbs under the kitchen table, and mosey along when you want a walk to last longer. I want her to take me seriously as a teacher so I used my serious look when Mom took the picture. She told me to knock it off and smile next time.

Maybe I will, if that means I can dogblog again!


6 thoughts on “Dogblog: See, Dad? It’s not scary

  1. Dietrich! Good job on writing the blog. I’m glad to hear you’re adjusting well to the new member of your pack. Actually right now is one of the best periods…when she gets to be mobile and doesn’t distinguish between grabbing onto you and grabbing onto the coffee table when she wants to try and stand…you may need to find a strategic refuge…Keep on letting us know how you’re doing…

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