Late, but still, merry Christmas!

For her first Christmas, the little oyster traveled to the old home state, met extended family and back-home friends, and saw snow. She was perfect in the car and delightful at gatherings. She went out for breakfast, went out for coffee, went out for lunch, went out for dinner, and even once went out for drinks. She shopped at our favorite old grocery store, flirted with her grandparents’ Christmas tree, and took pictures with her cousins. All told, it was a wonderful white Christmas for all of us, and the little sister took this awesome picture on top of it all.

(The dad didn’t even recognize the tree behind us as one of the trees in the front yard. This tree and the one across the yard from it arrived at the parents’ house in little black plastic tubs in the back of a minivan, lo these many years ago. Now each one is taller than the house. This is probably symbolic or something.)

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!



10 thoughts on “Late, but still, merry Christmas!

  1. Oh my goodness! I just love it :). Such an awesome family picture! And what a fun way to spend the holidays this year. Yay for little families :).

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