It’s a nice new normal

The little oyster’s sleep schedule has gone haywire in the last week and her parents’ sleep has been duly compromised. After another night of one-hour sleep increments, I was extremely thankful when my boss shrugged off my email request to work from home with a casual “No prob. Enjoy!”

And I am. It’s a privilege and, especially as a new parent, a relief to be able to work from home. I recognize that not everyone has this flexibility at work and I’m thankful I do, at least when the House isn’t in session.

Last week the little sister moved in with us to be the little oyster’s nanny while the husband and I are at work. Having her here has been really nice. We enjoy her company when we’re home and love knowing that the oyster is in great hands when we’re not. Dietrich is pretty sure he just got a live-in girlfriend out of this deal, so really, everyone is happy, if a little possessive.


If media requests and the little oyster’s nap schedule allow, the little sister and I will dash into Old Town later this afternoon for a bit of shopping. Now that I’m less than 10 lbs. away from my pre-pregnancy weight but inhabiting a slightly altered shape, it’s time to buy clothes that will be comfortable and professional for the semi-permanent-meantime. I’m ok with buying a size (ok, two) up if it means wearing normal-people clothes again.

Dietrich and the little sister are on a date as we speak, walking around the neighborhood while maintenance paints the front door of our unit, sprucing things right up. The little oyster is napping (glory, glory halleluuuuujah…) and I’m working with full access to my office. The husband will leave work at 5, we’ll have BLTs for dinner, one of us will vacuum the living room, then we’ll all settle in for a night of West Wing reruns, Modern Family, or the Downton Abbey season premiere. It’s anyone’s guess.

So this is our new groove. It’s a nice new normal. I realize how blessed our home is and I’m thankful for it. Work, family, dinner at home, repeat. If I made a resolution this year, it would be to maintain a humble thankfulness for this nice new normal. And also to do laundry more often.


One thought on “It’s a nice new normal

  1. Sorry to hear about your rough night :(. I always felt like a zombie on days after that would happen. And yay for new clothes! I was back to pre-preg weight soon-ish, but was a totally different shape (and had other weight to lose before I was back to my college weight). I finally sucked it up and proudly walked out of Old Navy with several pairs of size 12 jeans. They had a zipper! And were cute! Who cares what the tag says? I did eventually get back to my size 8s only to promptly get pregnant 2 months later. HA. I’m sure I’ll be pulling out those 12s next summer and rejoicing again over the return of a zippered/non-spandex top. I hope your shopping trip ends with some great buys :).

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