Dogblog: A pup’s gotta do what a pup’s gotta do

Image(This is me the other week when my mom first set up this little dog bed for the naked puppy to play on. She told me I am not to put one paw on there and I’m a good listener so I don’t. But except I sniff it a lot with my nose.)

Yippee, I’m back! Ok, I can’t get too excited because my mom said that if I drool on the keyboard I have to clean it up and then I have to help her fold the laundry so I will just use my words and not my drools to show how excited I am to be my mom’s guest blogger again! Yay me!

My mom is really busy these days. Actually, she’s been really busy since the naked puppy my little sister arrived and she kinda has an evening to herself right now. Instead of catching up on her blog (and trust me, there is puh-lenty to catch up on, but don’t tell her I said that because she’ll probably feel bad like she does when she is cleaning out my ears and I give her The Saddest Eyes I Have) she is drinking chocolate milk with a straw and getting ready to read the book she always carries around the house and never opens. But she was very embarrassed to see that her last post was in January so I made it very clear that I would be happy to help out with the bloggings in exchange for two Milk-Bones and, well, that’s all I asked for. A pup’s gotta do what a pup’s gotta do! So here I am, helping out my mom while she slurps down the rest of her chocolate milk.

My dad and my favorite Aunt Who Lives Here went out to dinner with some of my mom and dad’s friends who are in town for a conference. Everyone was going to go at first, even the naked puppy, but then it was getting later and later and the nakie was fussy and so very tired and my mom was not feeling good about taking her out and plus then she had dots on her cheeks so mama said you guys go out, I will put on my pink around the house pants and stay home. She put the naked puppy right in her bed and that little cutie was fast asleep before mom could even turn on her humidifier that looks like an elephant!

I really like the naked puppy. She is almost six months old. Mom said please don’t bring that up again because she hasn’t been good about posting the naked oyster puppy budget in months and months but she has been keeping track of her spendings and I think I should talk about something else now because mama is looking at me and telling me with her eyes to change the subject.

Did you see my picture at the top of my post? Now that the naked puppy is old enough to play around on the floor, she’s my buddy on the carpet sometimes. She has her own little puppy dog bed to play on, and it has bright colors and little rattles that she can grab. I am not allowed on this, not even with one paw. See in the picture how good I can listen? And this picture right here is me and the nakie when she turned five months, at the end of February:


My mom likes to take a picture of us every month, to show how big the little pup is getting compared to me. It’s kind of funny, my dad and my mom both say how big my little sister is, but then they tell me I’m their big buddy and that naked puppy sure is a lot smaller than me so I don’t know how we can both be big. I think only I’m the big one. She’s little. Still, I like her. We ride in the backseat of the car together when we go on family adventures and I listen so good and never climb out of the naked puppy’s side of the car, I always use my own side.

A few weeks ago my parents got me a new collar and a new name tag. My new collar is green like my old one, but it’s spiffy and not all worn out! My new name tag has my name and some important information on it because I lost my old new name tag a few weeks ago. Oops.

Well, my Milk-Bones are calling me on the phone so I’m going to nom nom nom them and go to bed. We had a family adventure at my sitters’ house today! I played in the yard while everyone ate chicken sandwiches and I only got yelled at for a minute when I licked the pan the Portobellos had marinated in. Balsamic vinegar was the main ingredient in the marinade, so dad said I got what I deserved.

P.S. Mom says the Milk-Bones weren’t calling me on the phone, she says they were “calling my name.” I think it means the same thing and my mama is just very tired.


One thought on “Dogblog: A pup’s gotta do what a pup’s gotta do

  1. Yay, Dietrich! It is so good to have you again as the guest blogger…I’m glad to hear you’re doing so well with your six-month old friend…I hope she’s good to you too, and pats gently rather than tugs at you.

    If you ever come through to Michigan with your family, let me know, and I can show you the campus, so long as you’re happy to go around on your leash…

    Karin Maag

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