We could use a bit more sleep

Scene: The oyster lays on her changing table, kicking her legs and laughing at us. I fold clean laundry while the husband talks to the baby and changes her diaper.

The husband: She’s just so perfect.
Me: Yep.
The husband: Who does she look like right now?
Me: Right this instant? Naked, chubby, and white? Henry VIII. Who do you think?
The husband: No, I mean which one of us?
Me: Both of us, I think.
The husband: Wouldn’t it be so cool if she grows up to look like me, but she has a personality and sense of humor like you? Or if she is totally loud and musical like me but gets curly hair like you?
Me: You mean…
The husband: Like, if she looked like one of us but acted like the other one. She would be, like…
Me: I’ll wait for it…
The husband: …like…well, our kid.
Me: There it is.
The husband: I heard it as soon as I said it.

We need more sleep. Curse you, March Madness* and your games that go all night.

*I totally have $10 on my bracket at work. I will only curse March Madness if VCU loses to Akron tonight.


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