Dogblog: A hard day’s work


Well, there I am, ready for a big day in the office! (I’m not wearing a tie like I sometimes do because I was going to my mom’s office for most of the day and they are relaxed about that.) Sometimes when the House is in recess I get to go to work with my mom and my dad, and Thursday was one of those days! I hadn’t been to their working buildings in such a very long time, and I was excited to be back. As always, I used my best manners and made my mom and my dad very proud of me.

The first time I ever went to the work with my dad, he made me go up the escalator with him. That was kind of scary because I didn’t get it. It was sorta like this (you have to click on it):


But anyway, now when I go to work my dad and I run up the stairs together. And then I ride on the elevator up to my mom’s office because I’m always allowed in there and only sometimes in my dad’s office. Before my mom and I get on the elevator with other people, she always asks if they mind dogs, because I do kind of take up a lot of space and she says sometimes people don’t like to be so close to handsome dogs like me when they are at work.

On Thursday we rode the freight elevator up to her office. It was a little scary as elevators go because it was big and loud not nice and carpeted like the ones we usually ride up in. When we got out, I knew just where to go! I remembered! All the interns in my mom’s office were SO excited to see me. They are really far away from their families and their own dogs so I got lots of scratches and pets and everyone was happy.

So happy, in fact, that I was worn out pretty quick and had to lay next to my mom’s chair to rest.


See that ball? I get to bring one toy to the office with me. I picked one of my new blue tennis balls from my nana. When I wasn’t napping or flirting with the interns, I was chewing quietly on it.

But then I had work to do, see? I was helping my mom with her foreign affairs research.


And then I went to play with my new girlfriends in the front part of the office, and decided I would snooze out there with them for a while, like this:

photo(15)Usually I stay in the back by my mom’s desk just in case people are scared of handsome dogs like me when they come into the office. But on Thursday I greeted visitors and everyone was so surprised and happy to see me and I got so many pets! And what’s so funny is that they thought I was just a normal handsome dog, they didn’t even know I’m the Cutest Pet on Capitol Hill!

My mom and my dad got lunch from one of the bright colored food trucks that come to Capitol Hill. I waited in line with them so patiently and my mom told the people in front of us that I am famous. I thought that was an invitation to beg the nice lady in front of us for some of her fries and then my mom told me that was rude so I laid down and pretended I didn’t care if she shared her fries with me or not. My mom and dad got their hummus sandwiches and ate on one of the big patios by their buildings. All the tourists who walked by thought it was so funny to see a dog having lunch with his people.

After lunch and a good long afternoon walk, I snoozed some more but this time in my dad’s office. And after all my hard work of minding my manners and being cute and playing nice with my blue tennis ball and the nice interns in my mom’s office, it was time to go home.

All in a day’s work!



2 thoughts on “Dogblog: A hard day’s work

  1. Dietrich! What an impressive day at the office. I’m so glad you’re able to go and help out every so often, and I can well imagine that you’re the star of the show. Keep up the good work.

    Karin Maag

    • Hi, Dr. Maag! My mom and my dad were in the old home town a few weeks ago but I stayed here in DC and played with some of my favorite sitters. Next time they go back I think I’ll get to go! And then maybe I can stop by and see you at *your* work! Don’t worry, I’m always very quiet and polite in working buildings, so no one will even know I’m there. For having such as big ol’ head like I do, I’m pretty stealthy (whatever that means–mom says it a lot when I sneak up behind her).

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