Just some things that warmed my heart today

Today warmed my heart over and over. It was beastly hot and a bird pooped in my car through a window that I left cracked but beyond that it was one of those days when certain little things stand out and bring joy. Those little things that make life happy, even when–or perhaps especially because–they weren’t directed at me, I simply got to witness them. And my heart was warmed.

These are those things:

Our Very Dear Friends celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. They decided at lunch to drive to Chicago for a romantic dinner. They don’t live in Illinois.


This scruffy dog waiting patiently for his owners outside the grocery store.



A voicemail I got from one of our nephews. It was a thank you phone call for a small package we sent but no one hung up the phone. I got to listen to three minutes of their afternoon snack time but the highlight was the exuberant shrieks of joy when my dad showed up unexpectedly. A four-year-old voice cracked with unchecked delight over and over again: “PAPA! Papa!! Papapapapapapapa!! PAA-pa!” I listened to the message three times.


The little oyster laughed hysterically at Dietrich’s tail wagging in her face. She waved back.


My cousin’s kids sent a birthday party to heaven for their brother who passed away suddenly in January. He was one of three beautiful triplets and today is their 1st birthday. My throat gets tight and my eyes leak to think about him. Still, the photo of a worm’s-eye view of the twilight sky with two dozen colorful balloons rising past the top branches of some deep green pine trees is a beautiful tribute that reflects just a hint of the love this family will always have for their dear baby boy.


Days like today…well, I love them.


One thought on “Just some things that warmed my heart today

  1. “A voicemail I got from one of our nephews”…
    Sheesh… who needs Big Brother when you’ve got a 4yo with an open phone line? :/

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