Dogblog: How we introduced the naked puppy to the pack


Our really nice neighbors who live behind the next door just had a naked puppy. I didn’t get to go over and see her last night because she has her own big brother dog and he doesn’t really like dog-company but my mom and dad told me how cute and tiny their new nakie is! Since my own naked pup came home eight months ago, lots of people say how good our pack gets along and some people are even surprised that I am nice to my naked puppy! Of course I am nice to her, I am a nice dog and she is a nice puppy and our mom and our dad are nice to both of us. But I guess sometimes it’s hard to bring a new pup home to a pack so I wanted to tell everyone how we did it, just remember that this is how expanding our pack worked for us and I don’t know your pack so this is a story, not really advice:

1. My mom and dad still make me feel special

special pup

Sometimes the naked puppy needs all my mom and dad’s attention and that’s ok. But she doesn’t always need all their attention and then it’s time for them to share some with me. When the puppy is sleeping or playing quietly by herself now that she’s big enough to do that, my mom will sit on the floor with me and I can lay my head on her knees and she pets me and tells me how nice I am and I don’t have to share her for a few minutes. And when my dad takes me for a walk after work, we usually go just the two of us. But on the weekends when it’s really nice out, all four of us walk together as a pack and I really like that! It’s fun to spend time with my whole pack and my mom and dad make sure I’m not left out.

2. Nothing is off-limits to me

Well, kind of. Like, I don’t get up on the furniture or anything because I learned a long time ago that I get in trouble for that and I don’t go in the bathroom because I don’t fit. But when the naked puppy was still under my mom’s shirt, I was always allowed in the baby’s room when it was getting ready. They didn’t want me to be mad at the puppy for making parts of our house off-limits, so they just told me to use my best manners around the nakie and her things and so I always do. My mom says this made one less thing for her to keep track of and I think that means she has more time to scratch my soft ears. Also, I never ever ever chew on her toys or her books. Ever. I’m so good.

3. My bed is off-limits to the puppy

My mom says I am very wise (and that’s why I have 12 gray hairs on my back) and when I need a break I go in my bed that is in our living room. When I am in my bed everyone leaves me alone and my mom doesn’t let the puppy get near me when I’m in my bed. Then again, I don’t spend a lot of time in my bed during the day because when the naked puppy is on the floor I like to smell her feet so I lay by her.

4. We are a pack

Every pack member has a different role and each member is the best one to do that role. I am so philosophical! My mom gets sad when people have a naked puppy and then get rid of their furbabies because of, well, I don’t know why someone would do that. I think if you act like a pack then you wouldn’t do that. Dogs like me think like dogs (but I’m good at typing, which is a people thing) and if we are smart dogs, we love our naked pack members and just want to keep being a pack no matter how many naked puppies we add. My mom and dad don’t expect me to act or listen like a human, they meet me on a dog level–again with the philosophy, I can’t stop myself!–and that helps us all get along great.

5. I have dog friends


photo(40) photo(41)

6. No one eased me into it because I’m not the alpha

Like I said, my mom and dad are nice and they love me very much. They know what I can handle and they expect me to roll with the punches when that’s reasonable. They explain to me what is going on and I always act like I understand their words even if I am just listening to their tone and seeing if they are being leaders or if they are nervous. When my mom and especially my dad are confident, then I am too. They are my alphas and if they think I can handle something, then I know I can!

I guess that’s it. My mom and dad have a pack mentality. My mom and dad really make sure I still feel special every day but the little naked puppy gets attention before I do if she needs it. I like to lick her itty bitty paws because they always taste a little bit sweet. Last week my nakie and I were both laying on the floor and I was making sure she didn’t escape her floor blanket. But I was behind her and she kept kicking me in the face and I didn’t even mind! I can smell her intentions and she wasn’t trying to be mean and my mom told me I could move if it bothered me but it didn’t bother me because the naked pup wasn’t kicking me that hard plus I’m a little bit lazy sometimes and I didn’t feel like getting up. And sometimes her toes were tickling my ears and I liked that.

I love my naked puppy and my mom and my dad and I know they love me too, even though I have to share them now. We are a good pack and if you know of anyone who is getting a new naked puppy, I hope you tell them good luck and have fun, because dogs and babies can mix great if you keep the belly rubs coming.

sleepy pup


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