I love Hanson and I always will

hanson 2

On Saturday evening I went to a Hanson concert with two friends. Yes, that Hanson. Yes, it was awesome.

hanson girls
I’m not a concert person, really. It’s all the standing around, the audience singing along, and the fact that live music all kind of sounds the same to me. But I do love Hanson and our friend down the street is a huge (HUGE) fan and found out they were coming to town.

This year the band of brothers is celebrating 21 years together. Gone is their iconic hair (Zac’s is still long but it’s shaggy and has volume, instead of being that “awesome” mid-90s center part that way too many of us thought was way too cool) and changed are their voices but still remain their soulful lyrics and subtle harmonies. (Nice, eh?)

hanson 1

The two rather mismatched girls who pushed their way in front of us–we were six people from the stage–during one of the opening acts first caused disbelief in us and those around us but then provided serious entertainment. The one I nicknamed Trudy for her uncanny resemblance to Trudy Campbell in Mad Men, complete with pearls, a skirt, and running shoes at a concert, seemed simultaneously moved by the opening acts (there was much hand-waving and eye-closing going on) and trying to get in her calisthenics. I kid you not, we saw leg lifts. Her friend, who seemed as out of her element as Trudy appeared in hers, stood right in front of me, thoroughly blocking my view of the stage. I called her Shrek in my head. Fortunately, before Hanson came on, they again shoved their way in front of other audience members and we were left with a full view of the stage. Bliss.


trudy campbell


And Shrek:


It was a great concert. As H, my friend who got the tickets, pointed out, Hanson fans have aged with the band. As they move into their early 30s, the rest of us follow. They don’t have a multigenerational following, they have a fan base that will always love MMMBop as much as we love the new stuff.

I rarely go out for the night with friends and it was good to be out and about and still dressed in jeans and flats. Seeing Hanson in concert wasn’t my dream when I was 14 but it was really fun at 27. As teen girls, a lot (most?) Hanson fans had some kind of fantasy about marrying one of those boys, usually Taylor. I can’t say I ever had that particular dream but we do have kids the same age, maybe they can totally be friends.



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