Election Day!

The husband: Thanks for driving me.
Me: Our pleasure! We like you.
Oyster: DadadadaDADADAAAAAA!!
The husband: Oh hey, that’s the bus I would be on if you weren’t driving me to the station.
Me: How about that.
The husband: Thanks for going around it.
Me: Did you want me to stop so you can flag it down and take it the rest of the way?
The husband: <silence>
Me: Ok, ok, don’t joke with a guy who had his ballot rejected, I get it.

Today is Election Day in sunny Virginia. Yes, for those of you who elect your governors in even years, it’s true; some states (or commonwealths) hold gubernatorial elections in odd years and I agree, it’s weird. The husband has a long day ahead and the polls wait for no man, so we went to vote as a family before the husband went to work.

Our friend who lives down the street was one of the guys taking addresses and handing out ballots and our upstairs neighbor walked in to vote just as we were leaving. These little touches of community, these familiar faces, make me want to put down roots, buy a house, and volunteer at the polls myself. But not here. Not in a state that elects its governor in an odd year.

Today we had paper ballots. I sat down in my voting cubicle to vote while the oyster talked her dad through his ballot. I suspect that’s why, when he turned his ballot into the counting machine a few minutes later, it was rejected no matter which way he fed it in. He had to recast his ballot while the oyster and I traced our precinct on the big map and picked at the tape holding it on the wall. One of us sang while we waited.

Outside the polling place two tables were set up to offer sample ballots to those who didn’t know the candidates and wanted to be sure to vote for the right ones. I knew who I was voting for but I stopped at the Republican table anyway because the ladies were friendly and they had donuts and I thought they might offer me one. (No luck.)

Lady: Here, would you like a Wolfe for Sheriff ice scraper?
Me: HAHAHA! What is that?
Lady: It’s an ice scraper, for your car.
Me: Hahaha! Awwww, y’all in Virginia are cute!
Lady: Haha, well, you might need it soon! It is getting cold.
Me: <hooting>
Lady: It is pretty small isn’t it. <chuckles>
Me: <wiping my eyes> Ma’am, I have bottle openers bigger than that.

Needless to say, I turned down the adorable fun size ice scraper but I do hope Wolfe wins. On second thought I probably should have taken it; the little oyster will be needing something for her Fisher Price car before the next election.


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