RWN and the senior citizens brigade

Today on our morning walk I realized that we were out and about in our little condo community with the senior citizen brigade. They probably don’t call themselves that and they weren’t an organized force with matching T-shirts or anything but there were enough of them power walking through the streets and not enough of any other demographic for me to realize that the only people home during the day are me and the AARP mailing list.

I had always suspected this.


One thought on “RWN and the senior citizens brigade

  1. LOL… wish they had t-shirts & you’d taken a picture. We have found that the safest places for us to go during the day, *if* I am in a mood to care about questioning stares and the odd comment, are the library and nature center-type places. They expect people like us to be there on, say, Tuesday mornings at 9:30.

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